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Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Ask yourself a professional question, would you consider yourself a 22% or 78% Performing RE Broker? What is meant by that?

  • Would several more closings per year bring you $50 – 300K or more of additional income?
  • Did you know you can “easily” achieve additional closings by using the IRS Tax Code to buy, sell or develop more commercial real estate using approved tax strategies to the benefit of your clients. Learn how J Pope Tax Consulting can help you with the Real Estate Tax Life Cycle™!

You may be missing major sales opportunities by not featuring the huge Tax Benefits available in every step of the Real Estate Tax Lifecycle™.

To discover more, continue to read and watch this informative video:

By utilizing sophisticated strategies within the Tax Code your clients can buy, sell, or develop more commercial real estate.

Distinguish Yourself with Comprehensive Real Estate Tax Planning

One of the best aspects of owning commercial real estate are the many Tax Benefits associated with real estate ownership. At every phase of the Real Estate Tax Lifecycle™ many tax benefits are available, yet the Treasury Department reports that less than 22% of all federal, state and local tax benefits are claimed. This results in a 78% tax gap.

Most of the CRE Brokers say that the number one objection to listing a property for sale are the sellers’ fear of the high taxes which may be owed from selling. Often, in today’s supply constrained market, attractive replacement properties for an exchange are impossible to find.

Our team of tax specialists, tax attorney’s, CPA’s, engineers and others look for and identify every available benefit which could reduce taxes, increase cash flow and defer, reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes after a sale. As one of our strategies, wouldn’t your clients like to know how to significantly mitigate Capital Gain Taxes without doing a 1031 exchange? J Pope Tax Consulting can show you how to implement this strategy with your clients!

For example, with a recent transaction, where a 1031 exchange was not possible due to diminished inventory, a California CRE Broker worked with our group of experts to find a solution to the seller’s desire to sell, but not if the result would have been excessive taxes. Attractive replacement properties could not be found, which is common today.

The seller was motivated to sell immediately, as opposed to the family selling after his death in a few years, because the market for his property had more than doubled in value in less than 18 months, and he believed that offers now would not hold in the future.

The potential transaction resulted in a $40 million gain and would have normally left a $25.2 million federal, state and estate tax bill.

Our team applied various tax strategies, all tax code compliant, resulting in reducing the tax bill from $25.2 million to $4.4 million. A substantial $35.6 million went to the family with tax planning versus $19.2 million without tax planning.

Needless to say, the broker earned an $800,000 commission and this would not have occurred if the buyer were faced with the excessive tax bill.

J Pope Tax Consulting Provides a No Cost Benefit Analysis for You

We, at J Pope Tax Consulting, provide a no cost benefit analysis through all phases of the Real Estate Tax Lifecycle™. We gather basic information and immediately go to work for you!

As mentioned earlier, please watch the above video and let’s schedule an informational call soon.

Regardless of listing or closing real estate transactions, it’s your clients’ and your benefit to use the Tax Code to help buy, sell or develop more commercial real estate!

Eliminating, reducing or alleviating Taxes, if buying or selling, are an important part of all real estate transactions, and either the roadblock or floodgate to buyers and sellers alike.

Learn how the Real Estate Tax Life Cycle can help open-up the waters by calling us now! (615) 429-7883

J Pope Tax Consulting

DISCLAIMER: This article is an opinion piece regarding things financial and how they shape our everyday lives. This is opinion only and is not intended or should be taken as investment advice. We do not guarantee the accuracy of any statements as should not be relied upon otherwise.

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